About Me

My name is Mark and I'm just a normal guy living in Peoria, IL.

In my youth I was outdoors all the time with my family.  Eventually I drifted away from the outdoors and towards Xbox.

After moving to Peoria in '09 and finding out I now lived within driving distance of some awesome fishing spots, I rediscovered my love for fishing.

Intro to the Outdoors is a chronicling of my learning experiences, successes and setbacks in regards to the outdoors.  Although I had spent alot of time fishing as a kid, my experiences were almost always restricted to baitfishing for panfish/catfish/carp.  The blog started as Intro to Bass fishing (as evidenced by the URL) but was expanded after I purchased my first firearms and decided to start introducing shooting content as I learned about it.  I also hope to delve into hunting very soon and plan to include all my experiences as well.

I'll be the first to say I probably have no idea what I'm doing most of the time when it comes to outdoor recreation.  Any advice is always welcome.  If you have any advice or comments/complaints regarding the blog, want me to review your product, want to get together to go fishing, etc, feel free to contact me at themarkvivian@gmail.com