Sunday, July 11, 2010

Still Alive...

Just haven't caught anything at all since my last post.  I've been out fishing three times over the past couple weeks with no success.

I attribute this to a couple things:

  1. I haven't gotten in a "full" fishing session in that time.  By "full" I mean 4ish hours of dedicated fishing time to explore an area and really find the fish.  I've been limited to between one and two hours each time.
  2. The bass forum I belong to ( has an awesome contest going on right now called a Bait Bash.  Minda Lures sent out a package of their Craws to 100 anglers (myself included) to try out and the angler who catches the most and biggest bass wins a prize package.  It's an absolutely awesome promotion and a great way to spread the word about the craws.  That said, I really have no idea how to fish a plastic crawdad.  I've been texas-rigging them and bouncing them off the bottom but haven't had a hit.  I attribute this to my inexperience as the craws seem to have pretty awesome action.  However, I've been using them almost exclusively and haven't had time to really fall back on the stuff I know.
When you add in the holiday and family events, it just hasn't been conducive to catching fish.  

Luckily, this weekend we have absolutely nothing planned so I called up my buddy Matt.  I met Matt in Speech class and we got to talking about fishing and traded numbers so we could go out and tear 'em up sometime.  Since I've been skunked lately on my own, I figure it'll be good to head out with someone who grew up in the area, knows some honeyholes and has been catching fish.  

I have no idea where we're going but he said they've been getting good amounts of channel cats and bass so hopefully I'll have some pics of some delicious ugly cats and some big beautiful bass.

Sorry for the lack of action, hope you all are having more luck than I have lately.

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troutrageous1 said...

At least you're getting out. No shame in not catching, just not trying. Can't wait to see the pics of the next beast you bring in, it will be that much sweeter.