Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finally something to post about.

The universe has conspired against me lately, seemingly finding endless obstacles in my personal life to sidetrack me from doing anything outdoorsy.

The only thing I've done since my last post is show Clif from Lunker hunt my local go-to pond.  As you can see in the comments of that post, the only thing I accomplished that night was falling on my ass and missing a few fish.  Didn't think it warranted a post with my version of events.

(Although, I can speak to the effectiveness of Owl Jones' flies that Clif was using.  After Clif pulled in about a half dozen fish and I had no bites, I borrowed the other one he had and started getting hits.  You should check out Owl's site and have him make you some.  They caught fish when nothing else did.)

After fishing with Clif, a mixture of personal health, the weather and my job kept me from doing anything else until yesterday when I went out to the shooting range with my buddy Jason.  I brought along a generic version of a Flip Camera that I won recently at work, hoping to get some bitchin' video of milk jugs exploding and such.  Sadly, the camera personifies why the word "generic" has negative connotations.  Nothing on it worked.

So, instead of bitchin' footage of explosions, I'm left with a blurry image of explosion aftermath.

The middle one got it good. 12 gauge slug from about 15 yards away.
I'm going to try to work in some more shooting posts as we go along.  This is the first time I'd been shooting since last fall I believe so I haven't had alot to post about really.   Hopefully I can get some fun footage and info up soon.

Also, the RNG picked me to review some Sufix fishing line in the recent "Loser's only" OBN review opportunity so as soon as I receive it I'll post some impressions and I'm going to try something I haven't really seen done before as far as a fishing product review goes so be on the lookout.

Oh by the way, a few of you noticed I started following you on Twitter.  It's my personal account, nothing strictly related to the blog or anything.  I usually just use it to keep tabs on sports news and my favorite poker players, figured I should start following some of my favorite blog buddies.  (I was feeling left out after Clif and Mike from Troutrageous! posted about it this week.)  Feel free to follow me if you want (@themarkvivian), just don't expect alot of blog related stuff up there (or even many tweets at all).  At least not right away.  I have a hard enough time posting here and on Facebook more than once a month as it is.  :)

Here's to the sun staying out for awhile, hope you all are getting more time outdoors than I have been lately.


Jay said...

Glad to see you're still out there. July isn't really that far away, so maybe you can still meet up with us on the Kankakee and we can generate some blog content.

Mark said...

No doubt Jay. Just let me know what day so I can let the wife know not to make plans.

LB @ BulletsandBiscuits said...

We reviewed the Sufix line for OBN too awhile back and we liked it. I look forward to your review on it.

Nothing beats shooting up stuff when nothing else is happening ;)

Mark said...

LB - I just realized I hadn't resubmitted the blog to the new OBN directory yet, hopefully it doesn't disqualify me from reviewing it, I have what I think is a pretty good idea for the review.

I would say nothing beats shooting stuff up. Period. :)

Cofisher said...

Mark, fishing with Clif has to be like fishing with mosquitos, you must make the best of it. So, hat's off to you for surviving that.