Saturday, May 22, 2010

Come on Baby, Daddy needs a new pair of waders!!!

Last post before we head off to Vegas to get married!

Not a whole lot to report.  I had two quick fishing trips to Charter Oak North, total of about four hours of fishing.  No bites.  My guess would be that they're spawning, although I couldn't spot any fish on beds.  There have been people there every time I've gone for the past month so maybe the pressure is wearing on the fish in such a small pond.  Whatever it is, I think I need to find a new honeyhole when I get back.

I did get a try a couple things for the first time:  fluorocarbon and Gander Mountain Trick Sticks. (generic Senkos I believe.)  I haven't caught any fish so I don't have many thoughts on them at the moment.  The fluorocarbon lets me feel weeds and the bottom better but I haven't had a hit on them to see if its easier to feel.  The Trick Sticks have pretty awesome action, like a minnow wiggling to the bottom of the lake.  Look for more thoughts once I catch some fish.

Well thats about it.  Wish me luck, hopefully I'll hit the jackpot, pay off my car and be able to buy a boat!  ;)

Hope you all have a good week, "see" you when I get back.


troutrageous1 said...

Have a blast in Vegas. Good luck at the altar & at the tables! Just make sure you don't steal any tigers from Mike Tyson by mistake.

William @ AnglerWise said...

Too bad you didn't catch any fish. My recommendation: stick with the fluorocarbon, you won't regret it. Oh and about Vegas: The house always wins. That's just how it is. Have fun though.