Saturday, May 29, 2010

Troutrageous Giveaway!

I wanted to pass on an opportunity to everyone.  Troutrageous has a contest going with Hobie Sunglasses right now to give away some free shades!

Check it out here.

I'm always stoked to find free stuff.  Especially since I've never owned a pair of polarized glasses and I've been in the market, it'd be pretty sweet to win a nice pair.

I had a good week in Vegas (actually came out even!)  and I'm hoping to get out fishing this weekend so be on the lookout for a report and hopefully some pics of monster fish!


Anonymous said...

With you getting married my friend, you had to come out more than even!

troutrageous1 said...

Thanks for posting the contest. Good luck to you (and anyone else that might come over and sign up). Also good to hear you held your own in Vegas.

Clif said...

Welcome home, the blue gill are biting.

Mark said...

Mel - Even if I came home broke, I would've come home way ahead and the luckiest man alive!

Trout - I lost a bit on roulette and blackjack but made up for it at the poker table. Guess that's what watching all those hours of World Series of Poker will do for ya.

Clif - I'm glad to hear it, I'll have to take the fly rod out and try to put together some panfish sandwiches.