Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fellow anglers, I need your help!

Hey everybody, hope all is going well.

Last post I mentioned my uncle briefly, well he fell into some bad luck and had someone steal about 15 rod/reel combos, a tackle bag and several boxes of crankbaits.  :(

I know alot of guys who have fishing blogs also frequent forums/trading sites/are on the lookout for good deals, if you hear of anyone selling/trading huge amounts of custom painted Rapalas, two GLoomis rods with Stradic reels, two St. Croix rods w/ Stradic reels, or an assortment of these (there were other assorted rods/reels/lures but those are the ones that really stick out), please let me know.  He said it looks like the guy knew what he was looking for so he's probably not stupid enough to sell/swap it online but if you hear of anything suspicious, please pass it on.  It would probably be out of the WI/MI area.

He's hoping insurance will cover everything and he still has enough gear to compete in his upcoming tourneys but it'd be nice to track down the guy who did it and make sure he gets what's coming to him.

Anyone who would like to help spread the word is very appreciated.

Thanks guys.


troutrageous1 said...

That's awful news. Will keep an eye out, not really in my neck of the woods, but if I see anything fishy (no pun intended) will let you know.

Anonymous said...

Not in my neck of the woods, either, but will keep my "Eagle Eyes" on the watch. You never really know where things might turn up. Hope his insurance covers most of it for him.

Mark said...

Thanks guys. He says his insurance should cover it financially but there are things that were stolen that were irreplaceable. I think he'll do ok with replacing stuff, I just hope the jerk gets caught and punished.