Friday, July 22, 2011

Unhealthy Outdoorsman 7/22/11

Drumroll please....

-2 more pounds!  Down to 473!

Keeping up the pace.  I still haven't done much exercise yet, mostly because the change in diet is getting the job done at the moment.  I need to get on that.

I had a couple moments this past week where I had to violently fight the urge to binge.  Mostly on days off.  Seems like when I'm sitting around doing nothing is when the craving hits me.

When I do have a snack attack, I've still been replacing junk with fresh fruit.  Seems to be working.

I went into the doctor's office today to weigh in and the receptionist now knows why I'm there, she just waves me into the back, I stroll back and weigh myself.  Pretty nifty.  Once I get below the 440 mark, I have a scale that'll work at home.  I think that's my first short term goal, being able to weigh myself at home.

I think I'll look into setting up some kind of tracker on the blog to mark my loss in the next few days.

Well, not much else to report.  Thanks everybody for your support.


Jay said...

Keep it up! Boredom and binging definitely go hand in hand. Gotta keep yourself busy. I sometimes forget to eat when I'm doing something really engaging... like fly fishing.

Clif said...

When bored, drinking and smoking will really make the time and pounds melt away. :)

Mark said...

Whiskey IS carb free. Zero points.

Paul @ The Healthy Outdoorsman said...

Boredom is certainly the mortal enemy of fat loss. When bored, go for a walk, write a blog post, read, do SOMETHING that will keep your mind off food.

This could help too: