Friday, July 29, 2011

Unhealthy Outdoorsman 7/29/11

Gained two pounds the past week.  Back to 475.

Super bummed about it.

It was totally my fault tho.  I miscalculated two big meals this week.  (My mother in law pointed it out after the fact.)

No excuses.  I just screwed up.  I need to do better.

Kim from Snug Harbor Bay sent me a motivational email today including before and after pictures of her son, who has lost alot of weight.  I think she's planning on posting his story soon so keep an Eye out.

I took about an hour yesterday and practiced with my bow, trying out the sight I bought for it late last fall.  I worked up a pretty good sweat.  Soon I'm gonna go for a hike on public land that I might try to hunt this fall and scout out some signs of deer.  Don't really know what I'm doing as far as that goes but you gotta start somewhere right?  Come to think of it, does anyone know of any resources that would be helpful to a first time deer hunter?

Hope you all are keeping out of the heat.


Jay said...

Don't get too bummed. Just get back on the horse. We all fall down when we're learning something new.
The deer scouting hike sounds like a good workout. I'm sure it's like Clif says about fishing... the further from the parking lot the better. Be sure to take plenty of water, I know it will be hot out there.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Mark: Thanks for being honest about your weight gain this week. It happens. Like Jay said, Don't be bummed about it (even tho thats hard) It's a learning curve and a good lesson in what NOT to do next time. Get out and do that hiking/scouting. The walking is excellent exercise.

Clif said...

I'm betting the best way to learn hunting is to do it. Find a spot, sit in a tree/blind and wait. I wouldn't worry too much about what to do if you see a deer, because that probably won't happen.

Don't be worried about a small gain unless you start to string them together. Day to day, your water weight will change quite a bit. One gallon weighs 8ish pounds, so 2 pounds would be about a quart of water. Did you have a big gulp that day?

Paul @ said...

Sometimes we need to learn by negative reinforcement. Tony Robbins says that people will actually work harder to avoid pain than gain pleasure.

Now you know how it feels to get off track. Use that emotion and learn from it. Obviously you don't want to feel that way again. Stay on course Mark, and you'll be just fine :)

And let me know if you need any more help