Monday, September 19, 2011

Need a new name for my weight loss posts.

It was suggested to me by Paul to change up the name of my weight loss posts.

I suppose referring to myself as the Unhealthy Outdoorsman when I'm trying to get healthy, it might be detrimental to what I'm trying to acheive.  Makes sense to me.

So, any suggestions?  Fitsherman?  Buff Bushman?  Or just "Weight Loss Update mm/dd/yyyy"?

Also, weighed in today after doing some upper body lifting and some walking.  Down three pounds since last Wednesday!  Down 26 pounds overall.  On pace for over 100 in my first year. Bangarang.

Remember that cash I saved by signing up at Charter Fitness (cost me $10 to sign up)?  Well Bass Pro Shops is opening in East Peoria Wednesday night and there's a gun show I'm going to on Sunday.  Consider any cash spent.    I'll be on the lookout for:

  • Hiking boots so I can take Clif up on his offer to hike way back into Snakeden Hollow for some good fishing before the season is up.  These are number one priority because I really don't want to turn an ankle or fall and break my femur a mile into the woods.  Is one better off looking for a high topped hunting style boots or the athletic looking low top hikers?  Never bought boots before.  Hell, the last time I had boots I was like 8.
  • A new fly rod.  The one my uncle gave me has served me well but I need an upgrade.  Since so many speak highly of it at such a low price, I'll be looking for an Eagle Claw Featherlight.  If not, Bass Pro has their White River Fly Shop Bugger fly rods on sale for $20 in either 5wt or 8wt.  (This could be a slippery slope.  If I get a fly rod for $20, I'll want a new reel that actually has a drag.  If I get a new reel, I'll want new line/leader/flybox/flies.  I might just be better off looking at their Dogwood Canyon complete setup for $90.  Anybody have experience with White River setups?  I'll have to read some reviews)
  • Stuff to shoot trap.  Actually I have almost everything I need already.  Would like to get a shell bag and stock up on some target shells.  Don't know whether to look for this at Bass Pro or wait till the gun show.
  • A new stock for my Ruger 10/22.  I marred the factory one up something fierce when I was taking the barrel band off.  If I could find an awesome M4 type stock on the cheap  I would be elated.  
  • Spare ammo.  I'd like to stockpile some stuff.  I have like 200 rounds of .22 (sounds like alot but thats only 8 magazines, roughly half an hour of fun. I'd like to have a couple thousand lying around.), roughly 30 shells of #4 shot my grandpa reloaded 10+ years ago, and about 10 slugs.  Need to get some 00 buckshot and like I said earlier, a bunch of target loads. 
That's about it.  I've got some of that cash I had previously thought I'd be using on a fitness membership and a couple gift cards my awesome in-laws got me for my birthday so I'll probably be walking away with a few new outdoorsy items when sunday evening rolls around.

Anybody have experience with White River fly rods/setups?  Also, any recommendations on boots (that would possibly come in a size 16)?  


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

3 lbs since wednesday is awesome!!

Boots - for hiking I prefer higher boots, up over the ankle, because they offer more support. I want to get new hiking boots myself. I want something lightweight, waterproof and with a high ankle. Couldn't you use something like that for hunting also and get double duty from them? You can get them in a variety of colors also.

Weight loss posts - "Fitness Updates" or "Weekly Weigh In"

Cory said...

I would suggest that you look for a good pair of rubber-soled boots that can be used for hiking, as well as wading. Might save you some cash in the long run. I just bought (and reviewed on my site) a pair of Hodgman wading boots. Got them on clearance for $23!! They also serve as some great hiking boots getting to the river :D

clif said...

You just need tennis shoes for snakeden, they mow the paths and everything. Lets go!

Anonymous said...

(Zack says)

I vote for "Weight Loss Update mm/dd/yyyy"

We be cheering you on!

Mark said...

Kim & Cory- Thanks. I'll definitely be looking for some multi-purposers. Cory, I'll have to check out your review and see if I can find something similar to what you got.

Clif- Sounds good. I've got an in-law's birthday party to attend before the gun show so I'm pretty booked this week but I'm open next week and thereafter. The 20 degree drop off in temperature the past couple weeks has me remembering that pretty soon we're screwed for fishing until next March. :(

Thanks Zack!

Paul @ The Healthy Outdoorsman said...

How about "A Healthy Outdoorsman in the making"

Great to hear about the weight loss Mark. Let me know if you have questions about the training program.

And I would get a nice new pair of boots, just sayin

Anonymous said...

making weight..wrestling/boxing term.
outdoorsman off tv show.