Tuesday, October 4, 2011

If this kid didn't have a girlfriend before...

... he will now.

"Jeremiah reported the animal’s breath smelled like “dead rabbits.""

"Jeremiah told his parents he starting swinging his hunting knife in an attempt to get the animal to leave. He cut it, but not deeply, and the animal knocked him backwards again. Jeremiah hit it in the ribs again and let go of his knife."

That's pretty damn manly.  Got a few scratches on his face, a shredded hat and jacket to mark the occasion. 
Man, it'd be nice if IL hunters could carry a concealed gun to protect themselves, rather than a hunting knife and a shot to the ribs...


heyBJK said...

If it was a mountain lion, the young man is lucky, although his actions certainly saved him.

And, you're right, he should have no problems getting a girlfriend if he doesn't already! LOL

Wags said...

Crazy story. I don't doubt it was a mountain lion. I saw one while deer hunting in Missouri back when I was 14 or 15, which is before they had confirmed any reports. I came out into a cleared power line strip and there it was about 40 yards away. It stared at me for a few seconds and just zipped into the woods. Other people had a few sightings in that area too. Anyway, interesting story; that kid did well. I'd have pooped the pants and fainted. Go figure I didn't have any girlfriends at 14.

Mark said...

BJK- Very lucky. Good thing he had the wits about him to hurt it enough to get away.

Wags - Same here. I probably still would poop my pants and faint. It's just as well, my beautiful wife probably wouldn't like the girlfriend thing. :)

Can you imagine the stories he'll be able to tell in college someday? "Yeah, this scar's from when the mountain lion clawed my face, right before I stabbed him and punched him in the ribs and walked away. His breath smelled of the death of a thousand rodents."