Saturday, February 19, 2011

I got nothing

Went out this morning to Charter Oak North.  Totally frozen.  Still.

Drove out to Banner Marsh.  Drove every path I could find.  Found 10 yards of open water.

Only saw creeks/rivers open and since I have no idea where to start on moving water I just decided to head home.

Got ahold of a friend and tried to set up a range trip to blow up some milk jugs up and shoot some cans.  Then something came up for him.

So my day just wasn't meant to be.  Gonna just chill with the wife till we go play some cards and do some drinking with some friends tonight.

Going up to Dixon to pickup the fly rod my uncle is giving me, so expect a post with a closer look at it.

Other than that, I'm just looking forward to spring and fishing at the Hooked on Fishing park on March 12th.

Have a good one.


Jay said...

Spring isn't far away. Hang in there.

Ken Gortowski said...

Rivers are easy, much easier than lakes. Go to he's the river fishing god.
Order his catalog, it's free.
Mixed in with all the products are river and creek fishing tips. Read through them, then we'll talk. Rivers are addictive, so be careful :-)

Mark said...

Jay - Hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

Ken - Catalog ordered. I don't mind being addicted to rivers if it catches me more fish. :)