Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who would I want to hang with?

OBN's latest writing prompt is to list a few fellow OBN bloggers you'd like to meet.  I would enjoy meeting just about any of y'all but there are a few who stand out.  Since the question was who you'd like to "meet", I disqualified any blogger who I've already met in person, which excludes... Clif.  Here are the couple that stood out:

Jay from The Naturalist's Angle.  It seems that since Jay found my blog, he has always had good advice, from choosing a flyrod to tips on fishing grubs on spinning tackle.  Plus, it seems like he prefers to chase warmwater fish on the fly, exactly what I'm hoping to be chasing this year.  I think we would have a good time and I would learn a bunch.

Dallas from Fishin the Ridge.  He and I have gone back and forth a little on our frustration over the reluctance of wader manufacturers to offer waders in big guy sizes.  It seems like although he might be more experienced than me in the areas of bass fishing and hunting, he's also a self-professed "fly fishing noob", just like myself.  His is the first blog other than my own that I'd found when the person was just getting into flyfishing.  I'm looking forward to reading about him learning as I'm learning some of the same things.

Ken G from Waterdog Journal/Four Season's Anglers Network.  I just stumbled across Ken's blog a little while ago, don't even think I've commented on any posts yet but I enjoy reading his posts, which seem to focus less on details and more on the experience of the day.  Pretty cool, check it out if you haven't yet.  I read he might be doing some guiding this year, maybe I'll have to schedule an outing.

So there you have it, just a few of the bloggers I'd like to meet.  Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the OBN meet up this year so I'll probably have to wait awhile to meet most, but maybe someday.

Hope you all are staying warm, I'm currently in the midst of enjoying some snow-related time off. :)  Have a good one.


Jay said...

I feel very honored. My fly fishing girlfriend and I are planning on passing through IL in early July on my way to the UP of MI. I'm planning to fish the Kankakee River for Smallies... hopefully on the way up and maybe on the way back too. If that's close to your neck of the woods maybe you could join us.

Mark said...

Sounds good. The Kankakee is about two hours from me but I think I can make the trip. I've never fished it so I don't know that I'd be any help as far as where to find the fish or anything but it sounds like a good time.

Clif said...

If I'm not fishing in Mo, count me in. I've never tried the Kankakee.

I'm such a tag-a-long

Mark said...

Looks like we have a nice little get together developing here. I'm stoked. Now I just gotta get some waders so I'm not the guy clomping around in sneakers and trunks.

Ken Gortowski said...

Mark, thanks for the mention. I always assume nobody reads my stuff. I happen to know a nice stretch of the Kankakee. I don't fish it alot, but I always go to this one mile stretch, so I know it pretty well. Be ready to hike. You might be fine in sneakers and shorts.
I read a lot of the blogs through OBN, but rarely comment. Not sure why, I just like to read.

Clif said...

If it's July, you might be the only one in waders =)

Oh, and keep your ears open for another chance at those trout.

Mark said...

Ken- thanks for putting out a good blog. I'm the same way, I follow like 125 blogs but hardly ever comment.

Clif- I have like a half dozen people who want to go down to the hooked on fishing pond after seeing my pictures. Should bring in some good donations.

Also, I totally forgot to post that one of my uncles called me this afternoon and said he has a fly rod he bought and used like 5 times that I can have. He has no idea what it is but it's 9 feet long and maroonish colored. As soon as the roads are clear I'll go up north, pick it up and do a post on it.

Jay said...

I'm hoping to go to Kankakee River State Park. It's supposed to be a good stretch of water. I've never been either so it will be an adventure for all of us. I do know how to catch a Smallmouth in a stream so I hope it's not too different than the places I've fished before.
By the way, I agree with Clif. In July you would be the only one in waders. I'll likely be wearing my wet wading boots (they're like SCUBA dive boots), but you could wear sandals like Teva's or even an old pair of tennis shoes will work well.
Good to hear you've got a fly rod coming your way. I can't wait to hear more about it.

Ken G said...

The stretch of the Kank I know is in the state park. Can be very good. If I can catch a smallie on the Kank with a fly rod, if you know what your doing, you'll be fine. I kind of knew what I was doing. My fly fishing friends are appalled at my technique ... what? the flies in the water.
I never wet wade. Longer stories behind that. If and when this happens, I'll fill you in.
Keep me posted.

Mark said...

I'm so stoked about this little meetup now. Pretty awesome how things can evolve out of a OBN writing prompt.