Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just want you guys to know...

That even though I'm going to be introducing a little more gun related content over the warmer months (like the CCW post from earlier in the week), I'm going to try to leave politics out of it as much as possible.  It seems too often "gun" blogs are 80-90%  politics, not enough guns.

The generic "eff you Liberal Hippies!"  and "gun control advocates are clearly insane because they can't understand our point of view" rants get really old really quickly.  (Besides, I'd describe myself as Libertarian, so I'm part Liberal Hippie.) If someone has an opinion different than mine, I'm happy to hear it.  I might debate it, but I won't tell you you're wrong.  On the whole tho, I'll be avoiding political topics as much as possible.

For a couple examples of gun blogs that don't get bogged down with politics, check out:

The Firearm Blog - The tagline is "Firearms not politics."
The Next Chapter - Zack's blog covers a little bit of everything that affects his life but the thing that originally attracted me to his blog are the couple dozen gun reviews on the left hand side ALL THE WAY down the page.  I think I spent a workday or two just checking out all the different write-ups inbetween calls.


Rory @ R-Dub Outdoors said...

lol thats good but the political debates is what brings people back again and again.

Clif said...

You, sir, just lost a follower.

Mark said...

Its your blog Mark, so if you want to post about guns with little politics, I would go for it. Besides, I'm sure something debatable will come up regardless. Always does when guns are involved. Looking forward to see what you come up with. Just don't give up on that bass over 3 lbs.