Wednesday, August 31, 2011

F@#$in kids.

Clif and I went out to wade a super secret creek the other day in exchange for me taking him out to Jubilee a week prior.

Judging from the lack of water to wade in and Clif's apologies, the flow had changed quite a bit in the couple years since he'd been there.  Nevertheless, after hiking 1.5 miles in the mud, we came across the best looking water we'd seen yet.  Just under a railroad bridge, a beach and the river on the other side of the bank.

Things were looking good as I had a fish on momentarily and lost him and Clif pulled in a sunfish further down the bank. 

A few casts after I lost that first fish, some kids (ranging from 10-13 years old) wandered over from the beach, asked if we had caught anything and promptly started throwing rocks into the water and at the train bridge about 10 yards from me. 



As much as I wanted to say something, I remembered how much it sucked being a kid having fun and having some old d-bag yelling at me so I held my tongue.  No reason to ruin their day to improve my fishing.

Shortly after that, I broke off my grub and took the opportunity to take a seat, drink some water and witness a casting demonstration put on by Clif.  I took some video but the quality turned out horrible.  You couldn't really see the terrible things he was doing to that line.   He lucked out... this time.

I moved down the bank away from the kids, tossed my white grub between two stumps and pulled up this guy:

After breaking off at least 3 grubs on those stumps (at least I brought my own this time), I got another knock and caught his brother:

There was a little more fishing, a little more hiking and a little more laughing at people who when they got their ATVs stuck in the mud.  No more catching.  Still a good time.

Check out Clif's version of events here.


clif said...

The video didn't turn out, but you got a good picture of me there.

Mark said...

I should've held the fish over a couple inches, Jaws Poster style.

I'm totally bringing my wife's camera next time for some higher definition video/pics. Pink or not, I need some better quality content on here.

Thanks again for taking me.

Cory said...

Man, I hate when kids come down to the river and mess up the fishing for everyone. Splashing around, picking up big rocks and throwing them in.

But, the place you guys are fishing looks pretty fun and as long as you catch SOMETHING, then it's always a good time.

Mark said...

True story. As long as I don't get skunked it's a good outing.

It was a good time all told.