Monday, August 29, 2011

Unhealthy Outdoorsman 8/29/11

Quick update as I'm trying to make some changes to the blog.  I tried out Wordpress (even went as far as to import my posts from here over there) but I'm not liking the options I'm limited to without breaking out the wallet so I'm gonna focus on trying to make things better here at blogger.

Weighed in today, down 2lbs!

That's -18 total.

My birthday is Thursday (100 points to the first one to guess my age) and my in-laws are all bringing my favorite foods for birthday dinner this weekend so I'm not too hopeful for this week.  Still, I'll be super careful the rest of the week to try to make up for it.


Jay said...

Looking forward to seeing what new stuff you introduce to the blog. Keep up the good work dropping pounds. I'm gonna guess you'll be 29. Happy Birthday!

troutrageous1 said...

No clue how old you are...I'll say 26...enjoy that birthday dinner. If you're concerned about the caloric intake, don't worry about what you eat, just how much...not that you asked...

Oh, and if you need some help sprucing up the Blogger blog, I'd be happy to help you with some hacks. You know where to find me.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Good job on the 2 lbs! Try to bump up your exercise level this week a little, watch your intake all week and enjoy your birthday but don't overdo it. Happy birthday!

Mark said...

Nope and nope. 24 my friends. :)

Mostly the new stuff will be trying to break out of the typical "blogger" mold and look more professional. I also want to be more accessible, as evidenced by the jerry-rigged social media links on the left. I think I'm gonna have to get educated on some HTML and such. I'll FB message you if I get lost Mike.

My plan for the party is to eat a super-healthy low-cal breakfast and dinner, get one big plate with a little bit of everything on it so noone's feelings are hurt and let that settle for 20-30 mins before even thinking about desert. My sister-in-law's desert will be the death of me I'm sure. I'm also gonna FORCE myself to get out and walk a couple times this week to try to offset some poundage.

Thanks for the support everybody.

Jay said...

I had a feeling I was guessing too high. I thought you just looked young... but you actually are. You've got a lot of life ahead... all the more reason to become a "healthy outdoorsman."