Saturday, January 22, 2011


I usually don't do blogrolls as most of my regular followers have been in the blogging scene alot longer than I have and I've seen y'all's pictures as followers on other peoples sites.  However, I have a couple blogs I came across with just a couple followers and I thought you guys would be interested to hear about.

On the River with the Viver:  This is my uncle's blog.  He's a pro walleye fisherman and he just started up this blog to "document the ups and downs of competitive angling". Check it out, especially if you're a fellow walleye fisherman,  I'm sure he'll have some interesting insights as to pulling up some big 'eyes as well as going pro.

R-Dub Outdoors:  Rory and I have had some conversation back and forth about that new show The Wild Within so I checked out his blog.  He's got some good reviews up on all kinds of different outdoors equipment.  Scope it out.

Well that's about it.  It's too damn cold to do anything but sit inside so I'll be just chilling and watching some UFC tonight.  Hope you all have a good weekend.

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Ryan said...

Hello, I found your blog today through OBN. I like it and will "follow" along. =)

The Average Joe Fisherman