Friday, January 28, 2011


As in, I feel like one.

Another week at the call center down, semi-annual performance review in the books.  It's been gray and cold out.  I didn't win the Hook & Hackle rod building kit contest Owl Jones put on. (Which means I'm in the market for an 8' Eagle Claw Featherlight in the next two months, let me know if you hear of any deals.)

I've been either in the house or at work 100% of the time for the past week and I'm over it.

So I'm heading out to Powerton, a local warm water discharge lake tomorrow.

Don't think I've ever pulled anything bigger than 4 inches out of there but a couple years ago it used to be a smallie hotspot and they stock stripers so I figure I'll toss some crankbaits and little plastic grubs just to see if I can pull in SOMETHING.  I'll give an update tomorrow afternoon on how it went.

Also, I took the advice OBN gave awhile back and just started a Facebook page for the blog.  Click the link on the left to "like" it if you'd like to hear my outdoors.  Right now myself and my beautiful wife are the only fans, it's a little lonely at the moment.

Have a good weekend, be looking out for a report tommorow!


Clif said...

Little white plastic grubs

Clif said...

Oh, and it's a pretty long walk but don't bother fishing anything except near the discharge. Just wear comfortable shoes and don't be in a hurry.

Mark said...

Duly noted, I appreciate the tip.

Mark said...


I made the walk down to the discharge a couple times last spring but I just haven't had any luck yet. Just baby stripers and cats on nightcrawlers. Hopefully that turns around tomorrow.

Clif said...

If i'm remembering correctly, they aren't stripers. They're either white bass, or don't expect any monsters.

I've found the channels to all be good "eater" size and pretty easy to catch. But if you want a big one, target the blue cats with live bait.

I have NEVER caught a smallie there.