Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goals 2011

I'm going to try to keep this brief as I went way overboard when I first tried to lay out some goals, made up an overwhelming amount of goals and then failed to meet a single one of them.  Nice!

In keeping with the new theme of the blog, I'm going to do a few goals for fishing, shooting, and hunting.


  1. Catch a bass over 3lbs.  (And document it better than a terrible picture and a good story.)
  2. Catch a fish in a state other than IL. 
  3. Catch 4 different species on the fly.  
  1. Purchase a rifle in a higher caliber than .22lr.  (But don't tell my wife.)
  2. Attend an Appleseed.  
  3. Become proficient enough with my shotgun that I can bag a deer.
  1. Bag a deer.
There you have it.  Mark it down.

I'm stoked to start blogging regularly again, but it'll probably have to wait until after next week.  

I have a 3 month old cousin who has been on a respirator for the past three weeks.  After alot of consultation with various doctors, his parents have decided to let him pass away this Sunday.  With everything that'll be going on the rest of the week, I can't imagine I'll have much time to be online.  If you're the religious type, prayers for Baby Maddox and his parents would be appreciated.  If you're not the religious type, good thoughts are just as appreciated.  

Hope you all have a good week, good luck to anyone heading out to bag their deer, is heading out on the ice or is lucky enough to live somewhere with un-frozen water. 


Clif said...

Lots of 3 pounders in Banner

Mark said...

So I've heard Clif. Which also brings up the fact that I'm resolving to take your advice, get off my butt and actually do some hiking to get to some unpressured fishing spots out at Banner and Snakeden Hollow.

Basspastor said...

Sorry to hear about the infant.

Prayers sent!

Lunkerhunt said...

Mark, you are a difficult man to get ahold of. Contact me asap about something you'll be interested in find out.

Jon said...

Hey Mark, just came across your post for "goals in 2011" and I thought it'd be the perfect entry into a New Year's resolution product giveaway I'm running right now: Shoot me an email if you want in!

Mark said...

Thanks Jon, email sent!