Monday, January 10, 2011

The Wild Within

A couple weeks ago I started seeing commercials showing up on a couple of the outdoorsy shows that I DVR for after work.  Seemed to be along the lines of Man vs. Wild and Survivorman, both of which I'm pretty down with so I set it up to record.

Totally not like Man vs. Wild or Survivorman but still pretty awesome.

It follows a guy who is upset that most of Americans have a disconnect with how their food gets into the freezer at Wal-mart.  So he goes into the wild and hunts and fishes for all of his family's food.

It's not really like those survival shows because he's not in immediate danger and has firearms/shelter/etc.  But it's also not like most hunting shows because he's hunting for food and not just for sport.  He also cooks the food but it's not like any cooking show I've ever seen, as Bobby Flay doesn't go out and shoot the cow he turns into steaks. He also seems to have a huge respect for the animals he killed.

It may be a little soon to give the show a full review but it's definitely worth checking out.  It shows on the Travel Channel on Sunday nights.

EDIT: Check out my continuing coverage of Wild Within here.

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