Thursday, January 20, 2011

Doing some shoppin

So I got an email a few days ago from a company called CSN stores asking if I'd be interested in picking out a product from their site to review.  I've gotten a few offers like this before that just didn't fit the outdoor theme of the blog but I checked out the CSN website and it seems like they have a bit of everything.  Seriously.  From swing sets to gun cases.

From kayaks to kitchen fixtures.

From... well you get the idea.

Check out their website.  The really good stuff is in the outdoor recreation store under the "see more" tab on the far right.  I'm gonna go put some thought into what item would fit in best with the blog to review.  Expect the review ASAP.


Jay said...

Looks like they have some fun personal watercraft: angler kayaks and pontoons. Go for the boat.

Mark said...

I would be all about it but they set a limit quite a bit lower than the boats cost. They did mention that they'd be open to possibly do more review in the future. Maybe if I pull in enough hits for them they'll open up the watercraft division. ;)

For right now, I'm trying to decide between a good multitool for de-hooking fish/finally having a screwdriver handy for whater or a reflex sight for one of my guns.

Clif said...

I'd go for a new faucet